Covid-19 information

Current Portuguese restrictions
The Covid-19 measures taking in Portugal are constantly changing. For an update of the restrictions please visit this page.

At the venue measure will be taken depending on the appropriate official local rulings. Listed below are the rulings that currently exist. This page will be update whenever the official local rulings are adjusted.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the Lisbon venue aims to ensure that congresses take place in compliance with all the safety and hygiene norms, as well as to raise the awareness of participants, exhibitors, suppliers and employees concerning the rules and behaviours to follow inside the venue through a clear and objective announcement.
Likewise understood is that, despite the population’s widespread knowledge and caution regarding Covid-19, as operator of spaces for public use, it is the responsibility of the Lisbon venue to clarify on all occasions and locations, the rules deriving from not only legal obligations but also the recommendations of the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health.

General prevention procedures at the Lisbon venue
The congress venue (CCL) is taking measures aimed at minimising coronavirus transmission risks and can deny access to participants at its discretion.

1. Activation of temperature control stations at the entrance by health technicians
2. Activation with health technician throughout the event
3. Implementation of isolation area and respective evacuation circuits

In the event of high temperature detection on entering the person concerned is informed and is taken to the first aid office. If the high temperature is confirmed, you will be inhibited from entering the building and attending the congress and you will be recommended for an appropriate procedure depending on the diagnosis.

Personal protective measures at the Lisbon venue

  1. Mandatory use of mask in all areas of the venue, complemented with visor or acrylic panels in public service stations
  2. One way circulation where necessary
  3. Mandatory distance of 1.5 meter throughout the venue
  4. Mandatory compliance of hand hygiene with an antiseptic solution at all entrances, these measures will be controlled by the security guards posted at these areas
  5. Availability of hygienic means of washing and drying of hands with soap dispensers and paper towels in all the sanitary facilities
  6. Placement of dispensers with alcohol based antiseptic solution in all the sanitary facilities and strategic locations in the common areas
  7. Hygienisation and disinfection of all locations in accordance with the defined norms of use with Monitoring and Register
  8. Implementation of rule of obligatory use of alcoholic based antiseptic solution dispensers in all the exhibition stands